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Why: Beards4Life wants to raise awareness for depression. Our mission is to encourage talking openly about depression, as this is an illness affecting 1 in every 5 people. For this reason we want to collect as much money as we can for the Brain Foundation (Hersenstichting).

What and how: For 7 days, 24 hours a day, we will do a relay race in pairs, alternating between running and cycling in a tour around the Netherlands (1600 km!!). We are sticking as closely to the Dutch border as we can; this is because to us, it symbolizes the border that is crossed by many people every day, causing depression.

Who: Beards4Life is formed by 5 men (Richie, René, Maarten, Sven and Frank) who all have beards and who all know each other because they love sports , specifically so called obstacle runs. Their shared passion for running and beards brought these men together. There is, however, a group of women very important to achieving our goal – we can act all tough, but we would be lost without our support crew! 😉

Early 2019 Ritchie came up with a good idea; why don’t we use our well-trained running legs for a good cause, why don’t we do a race around the Netherlands to raise awareness for depression? It took the other gentlemen around 45 seconds to agree that this was indeed a very good plan and that was the start of this project.