One Team, One Goal (English)

1600 kilometers, 5 friends, one tour around the Netherlands, 24/7 in 8 days! 

Ritchie, Maarten, Sven, Frank and René are going to run this monster of a run starting the 16th of July 2021 to create awareness for people suffering from depression and to collect money for the Dutch Brain foundation (Hersenstichting).

Beards4Life aims to create awareness for the sickness that depression is and our mission is makingit a fit topic for discussion in a society where 1 in 5 people is struck by this disease

We will be running along the Dutch border as much as possible, symbolizing the borders people with depression are crossing in everyday life. 

We are going to be on the move non stop, 24 hours a day in teams of two beards. On the third of July we will start as a team of five. After the start 2 will continue, one running, one on a bike. Every 5 kilometers they will switch between running and biking, and after 30 kilomters one beard will be relieved. The other beard will continue with the new beard using the same system and will be relieved after another 30 kilometers. As we will travel at 10 kilomters per hour, we will cover a distance of 60 kilometers in 6 hours this way.

It would be really cool if you would cover some of the distance with us, be it running or biking! Wewould love the support and company.

We are currently also looking for sponsors that would like to help with our journey!